Resting in the Gospel

October 3, 2021 | Matthew Morken

The framework for peace in a Christian’s life is found in the gospel. It is, or should be, the cornerstone of why we respond differently than the world around us. But there are real questions at hand. How does the gospel supply peace in a time of increasing debate and disagreement?

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The 4 Ts of Discipleship

September 6, 2021 | Jake Each

The charge and command that Jesus gave us is to “go and make disciples.” It is the mission of the church and how the church has been advancing since its beginning. As we seek to make an impact in our community for the glory of God, we believe what we are called to, and what is the best thing we can do for our community, is to put more disciples of Jesus in it.

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Sharing the Gospel with Others

July 28, 2021 | Richard Marsceau

I serve the King who has a plan that is beyond my understanding. My role is to love people, and love them enough to want to share the hope of reconciliation that is possible with their Creator through the stunning work of Christ on the cross. Let’s serve with joy the King who places us around his planet to live, and who commissions us to take his message to a broken world.

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Church: The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

June 30, 2021 | Jake Each

What comes to mind when you hear someone say “church”? We all have had experiences that shape our attitude and influence our perspective, whether they are joyful, tearful, or somewhere in between. But beyond our personal experience, do we really know what God’s intention is for the church? Do we understand its design and objectives? In order to endure the certain struggles of being part of the church body, we must have a clear vision of God’s great purpose for the church.

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What does the Bible say about Divorce and Remarriage?

June 1, 2021 | Matthew Morken

Statistical data about divorce is difficult to study. So many couples, infatuated with each other and excited take the plunge into marriage, do so with little or no preparation for what is to come. Even those of us who are called Christians statistically seem to have the exact same issue as our society has when it comes to divorce. In order to discuss divorce well, we need to understand what marriage is.

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The Idolatry of “Love Your Neighbor”

April 19, 2021 | Jake Each

The idea of “love your neighbor” is popular in our culture, it’s trendy to help the poor and confront injustice, and we should rejoice in that. It is, after all, the second greatest commandment. But that commandment carried out without the priority of God is idolatry.

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