Equipping Podcast

Money and the Christian

November 15, 2021

How should we uniquely handle money as followers of Jesus? What are the implications of the gospel on our finances? Join us as we discuss the topics of finances, generosity, and God's glory!

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Can You Lose Your Salvation?

October 18, 2021

In the book of Hebrews we encounter warning passages that on the cover seem like it may be possible to lose your salvation. As previously promised, this is the podcast where we respond to the question of "Can I lose my salvation?".

Disciple Making

September 20, 2021

Are we lacking clarity or overcomplicating disciple making? Jake, Garrett, and Michael talk about what disciple making is and give us some practical advice on how to grow in the main calling of our life on mission for Jesus. Find out about the components of disciple making, the difference between disciple making and Bible study, how to become a disciple maker, and what we are doing as a church to help our people become better disciple makers.

The Everyday Missionary

August 9, 2021

The Olympics are over but we're back at it again here on the Equipping Podcast! Every follower of Jesus has been called to join in on what God is doing to draw people to himself - we are called to be everyday missionaries. But, what is an everyday missionary? Why is it easier for some people to live this out? And most importantly, how can we practically grow into being a better everyday missionary for the glory of God?

Church | What, Why, and How

July 21, 2021

Have you ever stopped to think about a word and how you use it? Definitions and distinctions matter - this doesn't change when it comes to the church. So, what is the church, why does it matter, and how should we engage with it? Listen in as we tackle explaining our approach to church. Bonus: Jake, Matthew, and Nathan talk about how they prefer to vacation and reminisce on favorite trips they've taken.