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The Christian and Unity

July 27, 2020 | Jake Each

Tensions are high, divisions are sharp. Black, white, republican, democrat. We can seem hopelessly lost in problems that seem too big and complex for any real change. But, a lot of people doing the little things make a big difference. I believe the power of simple godliness lived out in the everyday lives of Christians can have a profound impact on a community. As one of your pastors, I want to share five simple, underwhelming personal practices for fostering unity that, if embraced by the people of Veritas, would send forth cultural ripples.

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The Church and Unity

July 22, 2020 | Jake Each

Diversity is such a beautiful picture of God’s kingdom. In my life, I have tremendously benefited from being a part of different Christian communities. In college at Arizona State, I was a member of a predominately African American church in Phoenix. While at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, I was a part of a Korean church. I’ve pastored in a church in small town, rural Iowa and in a church in the very affluent East Valley outside of Phoenix. All of those experiences have been wonderfully shaping in my life. A fuller expression of God’s diverse kingdom is good for our discipleship.

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Christian Lament

July 13, 2020 | Jake Each

In the next three weeks I would like to take some time to address some issues that have been on my heart in a practical pastoral way - Lament, the Church and Unity, and the Christian and Unity. How do we understand and practice Lament? How should the Church be working towards unity? And what are some things the individual Christian can be doing to help foster unity? For today, let’s talk a bit about the practice of lament.

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Volunteer Highlight | Worship

July 6, 2020 | Chris Henely

I have the privilege to celebrate members of our team who graciously give of their time and talents to encourage and lead us in worship! There are so many stories of God at work in and through the worship ministry at Veritas and while I am new to the family, it is evident that so many have stepped up to lead through this chaotic time.

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Volunteer Highlight | Larry and Sylvia Anspach

June 29, 2020 | Andrew Male

Larry and Sylvia have been serving alongside our Adult Ministry Team and have been disciplining people through STEPS. STEPS is a weekly meeting to help people through sin struggles. They both have been willing servants and leaders here at Veritas. I just wanted to share some of a recent interaction I had with them.

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Rhythms | Rest

June 22, 2020 | Scott Triggs

Looking at my current situation, I find myself stressed and fatigued from all that is going on, both in my personal life and in our world. I know that I need to turn these burdens to God and trust Him to use them to refine me and give Him glory. Instead, I find myself turning to idols: food, money, family, work, whatever I think will provide security and relief in the moment. I know if I’m going to find true relief, I need to ask God to give me rest.

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