The Salt Company is the college ministry of Veritas Church. It exists to passionately influence students in the Cedar Rapids area with the gospel, raising up leaders who are trained, equipped, and released for a lifetime of pursuing Jesus. The Salt Company gathers on Thursday nights during the school year and summer for worship and teaching, as well as throughout the week in student-led connection groups.


We gather weekly on Thursdays at 8pm at Veritas Church (509 3rd St. SE) during the school year to hear teaching from the Bible and worship through live music. We believe that the Bible is God’s Word for us today. Our usual pattern at Salt is to teach through books of the Bible. 


We desire to not only be a ministry that worships corporately, but one that also meets weekly with smaller groups to create authentic relationships. Student leaders lead Connection Groups every week. Connection Groups meet in many different locations, on and off campus.



The most important aspect of The Salt Company is our connection groups, and all connection groups are led by student leaders. Joining The Salt Company leadership is the best way we know to be discipled during your college years. We aren’t looking for perfect leaders, but broken people who model an authentic pattern of repentance + faith in Jesus.


This summer we hope to have the opportunity to send students on a trip overseas to meet with other college students on university campuses. The hope is to learn their culture, host some English practice groups and share the hope we have in Jesus through the friendships that are built. If you are interested in this opportunity we encourage you to submit an application.