Volunteer Highlight | Larry and Sylvia Anspach

by Jun 29, 2020VeritasBlog

Larry and Sylvia have been serving faithfully in many areas at Veritas since they first started attending. From Veritas Kids to Adult Ministry, and now their recent involvement with Steps, a gospel-centered discipleship program with the goal of helping people through sin struggles—they’ve both been willing servants and leaders at Veritas. We’re grateful for their leadership and willingness to serve the people of Veritas with genuine care and humbleness. 

How long have you been serving at Veritas?

We both started serving over two years ago, shortly after we began attending Veritas. Sylvia serves in the 12 to 18-month old room for childcare. Larry has helped with the Safety Team at Veritas. Together, we have been helping with the Steps recovery ministry for over a year.

How are you involved with STEPS? What made you want to serve with Steps?

We help the Adult Ministry team plan the Steps program activities, lead small groups, and train mentors. Larry’s interest in helping with Steps at Veritas comes from his personal experience in how the message of the gospel enables people to escape the bondage of habitual sin and addiction. Sylvia became interested in Steps when she saw how Larry’s involvement was impacting his walk with Christ. Even though she wasn’t struggling with any addiction, she saw how it could help her become a better disciple of Jesus.

What has been a highlight of serving at Veritas?

One of the highlights of serving with Steps has been the chance to develop relationships with the Adult Ministry team at Veritas and others outside of our Connection Group. Veritas no longer seems so big to us! God calls us to serve the body of Christ. By helping with Steps, we’ve seen how God can work in others to deal with addictions and habitual sin, improve marriages and develop a greater love for Jesus.

What has been the most rewarding thing for you in serving with Steps?

Steps is a recovery discipleship program that helps individuals overcome sinful patterns that may be interfering with their relationship with God and with others. Steps is not just for people struggling with addiction. We completed the program with the first group of mentors late last year. Many of those mentors are now helping others as they go through Steps. Through Steps, we have developed a much deeper understanding and appreciation for the gospel. It has been exciting to see how Steps is helping Veritas in its mission to “Make disciples who shape our community.”

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