Finding the Lost

  I find it fascinating that the Son of God, the Son of Man, Jesus our Messiah taught primarily by story. The beautiful prose and teachings of the Beatitudes, are wrapped around earthy, pithy stories that landed the truths he wanted to convey. They were...

Staff Interview – Teryn Anderson

  You may recognize most of our staff  because of their visibility and involvement in leading ministries in their various contexts, either from stage, discipling people one on one, or leading our church family through Launch Point. We wanted to take a second to...

Dads Need Each Other

  In the summer of 2020, Promise Keepers officially relaunches their national men’s gatherings.   It’s been over 20 years since huge crowds of men would gather in sports arenas across America and listen to the best of preaching and sing “Amazing Grace” shoulder...

A Forgotten Relationship

  Think quick, who are the most important people in your life? Got some names? Good.  Now, why are they important to you? What makes that relationship special? Maybe you were thinking of a spouse, a child, a dear friend, a coworker, or a fellow connection group...

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Ezra & Nehemiah Kickoff

  Excited to start our new book study on January 20!  We are going to be going through two Old Testament books, Ezra and Nehemiah. Two different books in your Bible, but these were originally a unified work that tell us the amazing story of  the Israelites return...

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Surviving the Winter Blues

Is it OK for a Christian to be sad? This time of year can be complicated because of the loss of loved ones or family situations. As a result of these realities we sometimes don’t find the joy and peace of which many believers speak.

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Resource Center Books

  Let's start with a confession: I don't know everything. I know, I've got that "he must read a lot of books" vibe going on, but in reality, the vast majority of the books on my shelf haven’t been read yet! Let me keep unpacking my ignorance. There are lots of...

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  Well, it’s that time of the year again, the time where most people reflect on the past 365 days. However, this post is not about the resolutions you set last year or even the ones you need to set for the upcoming year. This post is about the habit you and I...

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The Birth of Jesus

  It's a story of repurposed people, places, and things.  The birth story of the Christ-child is also a story that gives tribute to a God who works wonders in this world for His redemptive purposes. Take Mary.  A young teenage girl is probably not someone we...

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Financially Surviving the Holidays

  Jesus talked about money, a lot.  But around this time of year it can seem like we don’t want to talk about money we just want to spend it. In fact today we don’t even have to have it to spend it, we can charge it. So loosen up, it’s the holidays! We can talk...

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Growing in Gratitude

  Most likely you are not aware of the all the thoughts you have in a day. According to PsyD Jennifer Hawthorne, we can have up to 60,000 thoughts in one day.  80% of these thoughts are negative). These negative thoughts stem from a focus on self.  A focus on our...

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The Salt Network

  Veritas Church is a part of The Salt Network, which is a family of multi-generational churches with a next-generation focus. Our churches partner together for two main purposes: for support and encouragement as we seek to grow healthy churches, and to plant new...

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Salt Retreat Recap

  The Salt Company had our Fall Retreat October 19th-21st. First, let me say, I love the Fall Retreat. It is an incredible opportunity for students to step out of their normal rhythms and get some time to grow in their faith with community. We had close to 70...

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Baptism – What and Why

  I remember my baptism well. It has been frozen in my mind… quite literally. The water tank heater broke and when a friend and I entered the baptismal with the pastor, the water was not any warmer than what would have been coming out a garden hose! It was...

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Discipleship in Everything

  Make disciples who shape our community. That sentence is plastered (or maybe glued - I’m not sure the actual method of adhesion) on the wall in the Cafe here at Veritas. That sentence is our mission. That sentence is our goal. That sentence is what drives us as...

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Cuyler’s Story

  Early on in high school I was looking for my life to be defined by my athletic performances, friends, and relationships, yet never felt like that was enough. I think God began to slowly stir my affections for Jesus towards the end of high school. Although I...

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Staff Interview – Caleb

  Caleb recently joined the Veritas staff as the Worship Leader. Caleb and his wife, Sarah moved from Louisville, KY for this position, and we're so glad they're here. Make sure you say hello to him and learn more about him in this interview below. How did you...

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Being a Good Connection Group Member

  One of our core values (or three C’s) here at Veritas is Connect. If you’ve been around for a little while, hopefully you’ve caught on to the vision and emphasis we put on Connection Groups as our main way of connecting and living in community. We believe that...

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An Uncompassionate Christ

  Compassion. This word shows up so often right before Jesus does many of his great Works. Compassionate is one of the many words that describes our Savior's character, but what if Jesus was an uncompassionate Christ? What if Jesus wasn’t moved by compassion?...

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How Boomers Can Bless the Next Generation

  Part of our vision at Veritas is to be a church that loves, reaches, and equips the next generation to carry on the hope of the gospel. Anyone who is around Veritas for long can see it in the way we worship, the ministries we run, and the way we spend our...

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Staff Interview – Ian Crosby

  Help us welcome Ian Crosby as he joins the staff at Veritas, reaching out to 6th-12th graders. Why Student Ministry? That’s a hard question to answer in a couple sentences! But, simply put, I want to see people impacted by the Gospel. I believe that if leaders...

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Resource Center Books

  For someone who doesn’t enjoy or take time for reading, I found it quite humorous that I was the one asked to write a blog about the Resource Center at Veritas. Like many things, I know that picking up a book to read would be helpful but I find it hard to carve...

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Special Church Planting Announcement

Veritas Church Family, In case you missed our announcement this past Sunday, I wanted to make sure you knew about some sad and exciting news. Ryan Hill and his family will be heading out to be a part of a new network church plant. The Hills have meant so much to this...

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