Volunteer Highlight | Hospitality

Volunteer Highlight | Hospitality

November 2, 2020 | Kendra Donah

Mike and Sue are two of the 50 people currently serving on the Hospitality Team at Veritas. Their warm personalities and friendly smiles help make Veritas Church a welcoming and inviting place! Read on to learn a little bit about them and what it's like serving on the Hospitality Team. If you're interested in serving alongside them, visit the Get Involved page to learn more. 

1. Tell me what ways you serve Veritas?

Mike and I have been on the hospitality team for almost a year now. Veritas is a large church and it can be easy to feel lost in a crowd. We feel it's important to greet others and to make people feel welcome, comfortable and included. Everyone has made us feel welcome since we started attending a couple years ago so we feel we should to do same for others. I also have been providing meals for the band/tech volunteers throughout the last year. I love to cook/bake and especially enjoy when I can do this for others.

2. What made you guys decide to serve on the hospitality team?

If Mike was asked this question directly, he would say "my wife signed me up". Kidding aside, we have always felt the need to get involved in the churches we've attended, especially when it comes to hospitality. We enjoy meeting new people and helping those who may be new. We all were at the same spot at one point and it meant a lot to have a friendly warm smile say good morning!  

3. What has been a highlight for you while serving?

Not sure if we can pick a particular "highlight". We have thoroughly enjoyed doing this. I also do really love to cook/bake so helping to provide meals is a pleasure!

4. What would you tell someone who isn't currently serving at Veritas?

We would encourage anyone who isn't currently serving to jump in and get involved in some way. If you love kids, helping them learn more about Jesus, sign up to help teach; if you love to cook; volunteer to bring a meal every now and then; and if you love greeting people and putting a smile on someone's face, join the hospitality team. We have always felt that being a part of a church family means getting involved. The church can't operate on it's own with only a small group of volunteers. Just like being a part of your own family, it takes everyone pitching in to help out and to serve.

5. Tell us what it's like serving together as husband and wife.

Mike and I are both a "people person" and enjoy meeting new people. It especially means a lot to us during this particularly tough year. amidst everything going on in the world. If we can help brighten someone's day for even just a moment by saying good morning or helping them find their way, then we have met our "why" behind our choice to serve.

Kendra Donah

Veritas Coordinator