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by | Nov 21, 2018 | VeritasBlog

Veritas Church is a part of The Salt Network, which is a family of multi-generational churches with a next-generation focus. Our churches partner together for two main purposes: for support and encouragement as we seek to grow healthy churches, and to plant new churches all across the United States, specifically at major university centers. For a little more history and a list of churches in the network, check out this page:

Each year church planters are being trained and raised up across the network to be sent out. In Fall of 2019, churches will be planted in East Lansing, Michigan at Michigan State University, and in Gainesville, Florida at the University of Florida. At the Florida plant, we are beginning to see a staff team come together, fundraising efforts are underway, and we’ve gotten connected with students and community people in Gainesville that will be a huge help in launching the church. God is going way ahead of us in this adventure, even working through practical details. We saw this play out as we were on the search for a house.

A couple weeks ago, I got connected by an Iowa realtor to Peter Min, a realtor in Gainesville. After talking a little while about housing possibilities, Peter asked if we could talk about ministry for a minute. Of course! He shared with me that he helps on a part-time basis with a church in Gainesville that is reaching college students, specifically Asian-American college students. Another pastor gives some part-time hours to the church as well, and their church has a handful of community people and around 120 students. Here is the crazy part. He then told me they had been praying for the past two years for a pastor or a ministry to come along that they could hand their church over to and entrust them to lead their people well. Over lunch he and his other pastor shared with me that they love the students and the church but don’t feel like they can give them the care, discipleship, and vision casting that they should be getting. It isn’t certain quite yet, but the odds are good that Peter and his family will be core members of the church plant and Salt Company will start with around a hundred college students currently involved in that ministry. Only God does things like that!

Please continue praying for our network, our church plants, and the movement of the gospel in our country and beyond!

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