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by | Oct 15, 2018 | VeritasBlog

Caleb recently joined the Veritas staff as the Worship Leader. Caleb and his wife, Sarah moved from Louisville, KY for this position, and we’re so glad they’re here. Make sure you say hello to him and learn more about him in this interview below.
How did you become a Christian?
Growing up in a Christian home, and even more specifically a home where dad was a pastor, meant each day we had family devotions at dinner and scripture memorization before bed each night. My parents really never missed an opportunity to share the gospel with us as kids and to show us what it meant to be a Christian. Through that, I began sensing the Lord moving in my life. Whenever I saw Jesus hanging on the cross, I would weep and ask my parents why he had to die like he did. Finally one day, it was VBS week at our church, I came to my dad crying saying that I wanted to become a Christian and give my life to Jesus. I knew then that there was no saving myself, and that to have true life I had to find it in Christ. So on that very special day at the age of six, I surrendered my life to Christ. After some time of my parents observing me and seeing that this was a true conversion I was baptized by my dad and publicly proclaimed my life belonged to Christ.
Why become a worship leader?
Ever since I was a kid I can remember being moved by music. It wasn’t something I could necessarily explain, but I would find myself caught up in the guitar riffs, how different a snare drum could sound, and what always moved me most, the lyrics that were being sung. As I have continued to grow in my understanding of music, and more specifically worship music, I am always moved by the power of good lyrics sung together by a group of believers. The fact that we are all proclaiming the same thing at the same time moves me. When that happens we get to experience a little bit of Revelation 5 each and every Sunday.
What’s your favorite downtime thing to do?
I love being with my family. Whether that is going for a walk at the park, or watching a movie together I can never get enough of them. If they are busy though, and the weather is nice, you can find me on the golf course.
How long have you been married?
My wife (Sarah) and I have been married for a little over three years. May 24, 2015 is our anniversary.
How did you and your wife meet?
Sarah and I met in Louisville, KY while we were attending Boyce College in pursuit of our undergraduate degrees. While attending Boyce, Sarah and I both traveled with a worship team that was a part of the school called Lexington Road. I played electric guitar and Sarah sang. Towards the end of our second semester of traveling together we began dating and the rest is history. Fun fact, Sarah told me no to a date not just one time, but two times before agreeing to go out with me. So to all the single guys out there who keep being told no to a first date there is hope for you.
Tell us about your son.
 Judah Grey David Sherwood. He has been such a gift to my wife and myself. His coming was a little scary as he was born five-and-a-half weeks early due to a medical condition called HELLP Syndrome that my wife came down with suddenly. But he is continually growing like any strong little boy should be. He is currently 5 months old and discovering the taste of everything that comes near him as he likes to put everything in his mouth. Even though he has many toys, his feet seem to be the most interesting thing to him right now. Sarah and I are so grateful to God for this gift in our little boy. We look forward to seeing him grow up here at Veritas and the godly impact you all will have on him.
What’s the worst coffee you’ve ever had? The best?
The worst coffee I ever had came from a Starbucks. It was a peppermint latte and it tasted like toothpaste dipped in sugar. The best coffee I have ever had came from Steadfast Coffee in Nashville, TN. If you ever find yourself in Nashville, the two drinks you have to try are the Atlas and Matchless Coffee Soda. It’s worth getting both. Trust me.
What are you most excited for/looking forward to working at Veritas?
I know I speak for both my wife and I when I say this, but I look forward to simply being able to get to know you, the people who make up Veritas. Whether that is having dinner, grabbing coffee, or simply hanging out in the auditorium after a service. There is a genuine love my wife and I have already experienced in our short time here; and we hope to extend that same love to the new people we meet.
What’s your favorite musical artist?
Ryan Adams. His “Gold” album will always be in my top 5 albums.
What would be your last meal?
Ribeye steak cooked medium rare, side of cocktail shrimp, loaded baked potato, and my mom’s homemade corn pudding.
What’s the most useless piece of information you know?
The right-handed guitar we see most people playing today was actually intended for left-handed musicians.

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