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by Jan 27, 2020VeritasBlog

Laura Suttles has been serving with middle school students at Veritas for the past year and has made a big impact in the lives of the students she gets to lead each week. The girls she leads have helped her grow in her own faith and love toward God, and we’re excited for how she will continue to lead with Veritas Students in the future! Here are a few things that make her excited about serving with middle schoolers. 

What made you want to serve in Student Ministry?
I had worked in a middle school from 2010-2015 and loved the spirit and enthusiasm they had. I went to work in an office environment and missed the joy they brought to my life. I felt the call to serve and talked to Sam [Anderson] and helped me get plugged in.

What has been a highlight from serving in Student Ministry?
I spent a week last summer at youth camp with the girls. Watching the girls grow in their knowledge and faith was amazing. These kids are so knowledgeable and so strong in their convictions, it has helped me grow in my faith. Sometimes I feel I learn just as much from them as they may learn from our discussions.

What does a typical Wednesday Night look like for you?
I usually take some time to prepare for what will be discussed on Wednesday night. When I arrive, it’s a time to socialize and check in with the girls and find out how their week has gone so far. We meet as leaders to see what direction we are headed that night and then head in to our time of learning. Our 8th grade girls group is growing rapidly so my Connection Group can be anywhere from 4-8 girls (We need more volunteers!) We discuss our lesson with questions provided by Sam and Ian. We then discuss highs and lows of our week and share prayer requests. I love this opportunity to connect deeper with a small group.

What is something you would say to someone considering serving in Student Ministry?
If you have ever considered serving in student ministry, I would say just do it. These kids are our future and they need us and from where I am standing right now—our future is so bright with the light these kids are shining their light for Christ.

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