William DeJesus

Sep 4, 2018 | Stories, The Involved Project

Will Dejesus found Jesus while in jail, and tells the story of being put in isolation after a fight.
“They put me in this little room with a window, and it was so cold in there … all I was laying on was a cement slab … 24-hours a day … that’s when I started reading a Bible … I kept praying because it was so cold in there, and after a few days, I started realizing that I was missing so much, of all the good things that I was reading in that Bible, that there’s nothing but love … That room, believe it or not, sunshine started coming through that little window and warming me up … after I was released I asked for the chaplain and started going to the chapel, started reading, and that’s how I really started following God and trusting in him.”

While in jail, Will continued to grow in his faith.
“There’s so much in the book that talks about love, and how you treat others, I started treating others with love. I gave up my pride right away and I had to change my whole way of treating people. As I started treating people better, and having empathy, feeling their shoes, I started realizing how could I have been the way I was? Missing all this good stuff, and as I started changing, things started happening to me, in the good way. For instance, I would get better jobs in prison, I was offered good positions just out of nowhere … I learned one thing, that by being kind and loving, it softened my heart towards others. It was just like, I can’t be this way I used to be anymore. And I humbled myself. I took in a lot, because prison isn’t easy, but I stuck with people that were following God, that’s what kept me out of trouble. I was always praying, you know, this is the way I want to be when I’m released. I want to be surrounded by good, loving Christians … so that I would be comfortable and continue my growth in the spirit.”

After being released, Will talks about his first experience at Veritas. 
“I went one day to service, and I bumped into Bart  … [he] introduced himself out in the lobby and asked me a few questions, and I told him I just got out of prison for selling drugs and my entire life had changed. We went to church … he asked me how I was doing and if I was working, and right there and then I felt a comfort … we stopped and said we’d talk after service. I went into the service, and after that service I just fell in love with the church. [Bart and I] started talking again out in the lobby, and he offered me a job for Primus Construction. Here I’m praying and praying, because I was afraid that when I got out of prison I wasn’t going to have a job, because of my age, and I’ve never had any talent in offices … the Lord stuck me somewhere that was just in my field, construction … my first job was in construction here in this church; started demo in this church (during Veritas’ initial construction in 2016) … in prison I used to pray, “Lord, surround me around good, caring people and help me find a job. If possible, could you get me a job in the church?” … so I know I don’t deserve all this … but look at where I’m at, I’m working for a church … by the way I changed and started treating people, that was the first step, I couldn’t be that other person anymore. He’s showed me a lot. I’m still growing … my faith in the Lord has been a lot stronger since I’ve gotten out because of the opportunities he’s given me … I was homeless and Bart offered me to stay at his house without even knowing me. Gave me a place to sleep and the keys to his house … the Lord has been good. I have not fallen back, I still follow the Lord. I love the Lord, and know I’m introducing others to talk about the Lord too … everything I get I don’t deserve. But the Lord loves us so much that he’s not going to let us go without.

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