Karl and Juliah Weglarz

Aug 7, 2018 | Stories, The Involved Project

Karl and Juliah Weglarz love the Lord, and like many young families, their lives are filled with many things grabbing for their time. Between Karl’s current position as store manager and eventual aspiration to run his own business, and Juliah having her hands full with three small children, their lives are packed with little room for interruption. However, as a family, they felt God stirring their hearts towards compassion and decided to keep their hearts open to what God would have for them – even potentially opening up their home to someone in need. They didn’t have anyone in mind, they just made a pledge to God that they would keep their eyes and ears open.

Soon, someone showed up in their life, and the Weglarz took the step of faith and opened up their home. They have been able to walk alongside several people through housing situations. Though not all led to them opening their home, they all led to ongoing discipleship relationships.

Karl and Juliah’s selfless actions reflect the heart of The Involved Project (link) and ultimately Christ. We want our people to live in such a way where we are willing to embrace interruption and see the beauty in playing a part of God’s redemptive story.

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