Baptism | Apollo Payne

Baptism | Apollo Payne

November 14, 2021 |

What was life like before you met Jesus?

It was without meaning. I thought I was doing everything right. I realized that there was more than just going to church. I said I wanted to get baptized last year but realized I wasn't ready and that I needed to mean what I was saying.

How did you meet Jesus?

I started following Jesus one day at Sunday service. We were coming off of some time at YTH Camp and I really wanted to listen to the message and Jesus showed me that this was what it was like to believe in Him and that is what I wanted. So, I started reading about Him and focusing on my relationship with Jesus.

After being saved by Jesus what is your life like now?

It has changed the way I think and see things. My life has worth and a goal of going to heaven and continuing my relationship with the Lord. I want to be baptized to show my belief in Jesus and that he died for my sins and want to follow him for the rest of my life.