Veritas Music

Veritas Music

We are excited about continuing to write and introduce more songs to help people celebrate the greatness of God and what He has done and continues to do among us. We want our music to be a unique expression of worship that reflects the culture of the church body in Cedar Rapids. We don’t want a carbon-copy of what other worship bands or churches are doing in other parts of the world, but an authentic offering of love for Jesus using the gifts of people in our own church body. We are excited to see what God does over the next year as we continue to sing His praises together.

For My King

The chorus of the song was inspired by the hymn, “Take this Life and Let it Be” by  Frances R. Havergal, which was written in 1874. The verses were inspired by Isaiah 53, which is a prophesy of Christ’s suffering for us on the cross. The two ideas are meant to encourage us in our love of our King because of the love that He first showed us.


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