Kids (0-5th Grade)


Parenting is an important job. You want to get it right and raise great kids. We want to help!

We desire every kid to know, love, and obey Jesus. We know that parents are the primary disciple-makers of their kids and that’s why we want to partner with you in this important task. We hope to teach and interact with your kids in a way that develops their wonder for God and helps them become mature disciples. 


For our infants, crawlers, and toddlers we have age and development specific rooms to help you and your child know that they are being cared for in a way that’s unique to their age. The goal for these settings is for your little one to experience the love of God through the love and care of volunteers who love Jesus. When your child turns two, they start to walk through our curriculum that helps show them who God is and begins to develop their wonder for God. 


For kids 4 years old and older that haven’t started Kindergarten yet, we have our Pre-K environment. Your pre-schooler can expect to have a ton of fun as they sing, learn about God through the Bible, and interact with other kids and volunteers who love Jesus. As a preschooler, we want to continue helping them grow in wonder of who God is and how much He loves them. 



For kids between kindergarten and second grade we have a dedicated space for them to come together to sing and engage in worship, and hear from God’s Word from one of our teachers. In addition to this time all together, they also have individual rooms for them to play games and break up into smaller groups to talk about the lesson. In our K-2 space, we hope to start helping your kid discover who Jesus is and why He came to earth. 


As kids enter 3rd grade, they move up to our 3-5th grade environment. This space has exciting and engaging live worship and live teaching every week from some great teachers and leaders. Your child can expect to sing songs and hear from the Bible in large group, then split up into smaller groups for connection group time with other kids in their grade. We desire for this to be a time where they continue to discover who Jesus is and why He came here as well as discover what community looks like. 


If you’re a parent who would like to commit publicly to raising your kids in the ways of God, sign up for our Parent Commissioning Class. During the class, you’ll be able to connect with other parents, learn about our vision for discipleship in the family.


We believe that parents are to be the primary disciple-makers of their kids. That’s why one of the most important ways we love and lead your kids is by partnering with you, their parent.