The Money Seduction and Gospel Wealth

November 23, 2020 | Jake Each

In the midst of such political turmoil and a global pandemic, why talk about money? At the mention of this topic, I sense defenses going up, even my own. The thought of generosity is a direct challenge to my greed. When it comes to taking in what the Bible has to tell us about money, we can often seem like the young kid turning his head to avoid the cough medicine he needs. But if we avoid the medicine of generosity, there is a sickness far worse that will overtake us.

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Tell Us Your Story: Melissa Payne


November 16, 2020 | Jake Each

"The Lord moved in my heart in a powerful way during that season and I just came back with a true faith of my own a true commitment to him that meant a whole lot to me and has really just continued to grow and shape and shift me over the course of my life."

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A Call to Fight for Biblical Literacy

November 9, 2020 | Jake Each

One of the biggest challenges in ministry today is the reality that TV, social media, and the news are discipling people faster and more effectively than the church. What we determine to be true, what shapes our worldview, and what stirs up our emotions seem to be social media feeds, the latest headlines, and Netfix shows more than Scripture. How do you compete when hours upon hours are given to screens full of worldly information fed to us in addictive ways, and perhaps only mere minutes are given to those thin pages containing the life transforming truth of God?

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Volunteer Highlight | Hospitality

November 2, 2020 | Kendra Donah

Mike and Sue are two of the 50 people currently serving on the Hospitality Team at Veritas. Their warm personalities and friendly smiles help make Veritas Church a welcoming and inviting place! Read on to learn a little bit about them and what it's like serving on the Hospitality Team.

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Parents, You Can't Do It, But God Can

October 26, 2020 | Michael Rhodes

Whether you’re dealing with a newborn not sleeping, a teenager wanting to become his or her own individual, or anything else in between, we all can admit that PARENTING IS HARD. That difficulty can often create feelings of inadequacy and inability.

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Tell Us Your Story: Jim Coates

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October 19, 2020 | Jake Each

Jim and I have known each other for a while we've been in connection group at different times, and this is just a chance for you to get to know different people in our church.

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