Staff Introduction | Nils Anderson

Staff Introduction | Nils Anderson

August 3, 2020 | Andrew Male

I'm really excited for you to meet Nils. Nils is our newest staff member who joined our team at the beginning of July as our next generation worship leader. Before joining our staff team, Nils led worship with The Salt Company in Cedar Falls at Candeo (another Salt Network church), and we’re thrilled to have him here. You'll see Nils leading worship or in the band on Sundays, but his primary role will be raising up worship leaders in The Salt Company and with Veritas Students. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself when you see him. We're really excited for his heart for Jesus and his desire to lead others in worship while helping people know, love, and obey Jesus.

How did you become a Christian?

From a very young age I was blessed to have parents who invested in me spiritually. To this day, they are still two of the most influential spiritual role models that I have. Because of their influence on my life and seeing how much they love Jesus, I became a believer at a very young age. Through different youth ministries in middle and high school, I grew in my faith more and more as it became my own. As I went into college, I was able to truly see what a good, challenging Christian community looks like at The Salt Company in Cedar Falls. This showed me what it looks like to be all in for Jesus and helped me fully trust him with what he has for me.

Why did you become a worship leader?

I have been playing piano and guitar since I was very young and started singing in middle school. Both of my older brothers also led/lead worship. This gave me an interest in using my gifts of music to lead others into worship as well. In high school, I was given the opportunity to lead worship at my school and youth group which I enjoyed a ton. When I went to college, I was able to help lead worship at Salt which grew me a lot in my ability to lead people into worship. Through that, I felt the Lord calling me to use my gifts in full time ministry to lead worship.

What’s your favorite downtime thing to do?

I love watching and playing sports. I'm a big Minnesota sports fan!

What’s your favorite treat and why?

I love a good soda pop! It’s a nice and refreshing beverage that I can sip on and enjoy. There are a lot of options and it’s an inexpensive addiction, but also is terrible for me so I should probably stop.

What’s your favorite kind of music?

Singer/Songwriter music is my favorite. Ben Rector, Cody Fry, and Colony House are probably my top artists/groups.

What’s the most useless piece of information you know?

The Minnesota Twins are currently 3rd in all the major MLB Power Rankings (Bleacher Report, ESPN, and

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