Staff Introduction | Ashley Goos

Staff Introduction | Ashley Goos

August 31, 2020 | Andrew Male

Meet Ashley Goos, one of our newest staff members. Ashley has joined the Adult Ministry Team as a women's discipleship leader. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself when you see her!

How did you become a Christian?

Growing up my parents took me to church and Sunday school each week—I remember learning about Jesus and being curious about Him from a young age. Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a "good" person, daughter, friend, student, etc. I was striving to be the best I could be and struggled to understand why I could never really sense being "good enough." Although I knew a lot about Jesus as a child, it wasn't until I was in high school that my youth pastor shared the gospel with me. I realized at that point, that although I knew what Jesus did, I didn't understand why He did it, how my sin separated me from God and that I needed to respond to His invitation. At sixteen, I became a Christ–follower and have continued on a journey of growing in my relationship with Him since that point, however, the majority of my spiritual growth began when I was in my mid-twenties and was discipled for the first time by a woman at my church. Within this relationship I was taught how to study and apply the Bible, grow in spiritual disciplines and receive accountability. This was also when I learned the importance of sharing the gospel and discipling others.

Do you have any overseas experience and what does it look like?

I’ve been blessed to serve in a number of short and long-term overseas opportunities. These experiences have included serving with established churches and organizations coming alongside widows, orphans, and pastors’ families. Most recently, I lived for three years in SE Asia serving with others in connection with the Salt Network.

What kind of history do you have in The Salt Network?

I first joined The Salt Network in the fall of 2014 as part of The Salt Company staff at Candeo Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa. After two and a half years serving in that role, I was given the opportunity to pursue similar work reaching the next generation in SE Asia. Now, after three years in Asia, I’ve moved back to Cedar Rapids and I am greatly humbled and thankful for the opportunity to continue serving others in this role at Veritas and within The Salt Network.

What’s your favorite downtime thing to do?

My favorite downtime activity includes going for walks, spending time reading a good book, watching a couple episodes of a favorite show or catching up with a friend over coffee—honestly drinking coffee would make each of these downtime activities my favorite.  

What’s your favorite treat and why?

An apple, grape and cheese cup from Hy-Vee along with a Starbucks Pike’s Place brewed coffee. So good! Prior to working in ministry, I was an elementary teacher who worked and lived near a HyVee. I randomly grabbed these two items one morning in a desperate need to find something that resembled a meal. This combo became one of my favorite things and something I sought out within the first few days of moving back to the states.

What’s your favorite kind of music?

It’s hard to say one specific kind of music. I once had a burned CD in college with a combination of music from Keith Urban, 50 cent, Celine Dion and Third Day Christmas. My taste in music continues to be pretty eclectic but leans less to early 2000 rap music these days.

What’s the most useless piece of information you know?

The specific attributes to be mindful of when buying a diamond—including a diamond’s specific cut, color, clarity and carat weight. This information was gained during my years of working at a jewelry store here in Cedar Rapids throughout my late high school and college years.

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